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What Should You Do After A Car Accident – Attorneys Advise

What Should You Do After A Car Accident – Attorneys Advise

This Texas auto accident lawyer will brief you on the immediate actions to be taken after an auto accident.

The moment an accident occurs, everything is chaotic and shocking and can make you immobile. It looks like everything has come to a halt, your surroundings seem vague and you fail to think clearly or take any action in that moment. car accident attorneys

Being aware of the immediate steps to be taken after an accident gives you a direction to focus your thoughts and enables you to take the necessary action. Here are a few tips from an auto accident lawyer. These are things to remember if you get involved in any sort of accident.

Texas Auto Accident Lawyer Tips For Drivers:

1. Don’t run away from the scene:
‘Hit and run’ is a very serious offense which will usually result in criminal penalties. Never leave the accident scene till the police have arrived at the scene and make a report of the incident.

If it is a small accident and if you can negotiate with the other party, after finalizing the matter you can move on.

But if the accident has caused any serious injuries, never leave the place. The penalties are likely to be much less if you are there to give an account of the accident than if you have run away and are caught later.

2. Passengers and Driver Safety Check:

Ensure that all the passengers and drivers are safe and that there have been no injuries. If any one needs any medical attention, don’t delay in calling for an ambulance or other nearby medical services.

It is better not to move an injured person on your own because the injury might require delicate and very careful handling.

Unless you are very sure of your first aid skills, never try to move or give any sort of treatment to the injured passengers or drivers.

The only exception to this is if there is any fuel or gas leakage. In that case, the passengers should be moved away to a safe place without delay.

3. Call the police:

If the accident has caused a significant damage to any property or injuries to either passengers or driver, give a call to the police. The police will file a report with necessary information which will help the accident lawyer in further investigation. auto accident lawyers

4. Get the right information:

Try to get as much information as possible. Talk to the driver and passengers who are involved in the car accident. Get their names and telephone numbers and address and any other information which you can gather from them.

If possible try to get pictures of the accident scene. It’s a good practice to keep a disposable camera in your vehicle, particularly if you do not normally carry a cell phone with photo capabilities.

All this information will help out your cause should you have to hire a car accident lawyer to recover damages for you in a claim.

5. Talk to any witnesses:

There might be spectators of the accident who can serve as witnesses of the tragedy. Talk to them. Take down their names, phone numbers and contact address.

Ask witnesses to give the details of the accident, what they saw, how it happened, who was at the fault, etcetera. Ask as many people as possible who are in the vicinity. These details will also help your auto accident lawyer in contacting witnesses for investigations and may turn out to be invaluable to your claim.

6. Inform your insurance company:

Never forget to call up your insurance company in the event of an accident. Give a detailed account of the accident and the damages you have suffered. The information gathered and the statement of the witnesses will help the insurance company to get a real picture of the accident.

If you find that the insurance company is not handling your claim properly, a Texas car accident lawyer will definitely assist you in dealing with insurance companies wisely.

7. Keep your medical records with you:

Always keep a few details of your medical records in your pocket, wallet, or purse while traveling. Information on your blood group and details of any illness which you are suffering from are important, especially if you are severely injured or unconscious and can’t provide the information verbally.

Something as simple as this will help the doctors to start any needed treatment as soon as possible, rather than spending time in getting to know more about your medical history.

Advice From An Auto Accident Lawyer:

Make a note, the state of Texas laws are quite stringent in relation to its litigation.

Also, a good auto accident lawyer would suggest that you never blurt out apologies after an accident. It’s easy to do out of habit, but don’t! Also, do not speak about the accident to anyone other than to your lawyer, your insurance company and the police.

Sometimes the insurance company or the lawyer of the other person who is involved in the accident might try to get information from you. Ask them to consult your auto accident lawyer for the information they are seeking.

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